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Corfu Palaces – Half Day  

Departing on coach, you are driven past the town of Corfu and along the bay of Garitsa to the peninsula of Paleopolis, the location of the ancient city of Corfu and the grounds of the Mon Repos Palace.


On the way to the estate, you make a short stop at the tip of the peninsula in Kanoni, a great viewing point from where you can enjoy a fantastic vista of the emblem of Corfu, the picturesque Mouse Island and the Monastery of Vlaherna.


On arrival at the main gates of the Mon Repos Palace, you leave the coach and enter the palace gardens on foot – a short path leads you to the palace mansion. The gardens are full of exotic and indigenous trees, bushes, flowers and shrubs, once brought as gifts to the local monarchs by visiting diplomats and foreign kings from all over the world.

The palace was built in 1828 – 1831 by the British Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, Sir Adam as a gift to his beautiful Corfiot wife, Mrs Palatianou. In 1864 it was given as a present to the King of Greece, George A’ and until 1967 when monarchy in Greece was abolished, it was used by the local royal family as a summer palace where they hosted great parties and offered hospitality to their royal friends from all around the world. That is also one of the reasons why Corfu Island became such a popular summer holiday retreat for the international jet set so quickly.

In the company of your guide you visit the rooms of the palace, now operating as a museum, housing ancient artifacts brought to light by archaeologists in the excavations at the local ancient sites.

You will then continue on coach to Gastouri village on the gentle slopes above the southeast coast of the island where you will visit the Achilleion Palace, built by the Empress Elisabeth “Sissy” of Austria in 1891, and later owned by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. You visit the rooms in the Palace, as well as its beautiful gardens offering spectacular view over the Ionian Sea.  

The gardens, full of exotic trees and flowers which the Empress brought with her from her trips around the world, are adorned with classical statues, as she was very fond of Greek Ancient History and Mythology.  The main “Terrace of the Muses” decorated with statues of the Nine Greek Muses and the imposing figures of “Achilles Victorious” and “Achilles Dying” are some of the most interesting.

Note:  On Mondays the Mon Repos Palace is closed. The Mon Repos Palace is open till 15:30 hours.


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