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Guided City Tour  


Our tour takes us first to the unspoilt village of Gastouri , where the exquisite Achilleion Palace , built in 1892 for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria , occupies a position overlooking the Ionian Sea.  After a visit to Kanoni , with its renowned view of Mouse Island (Pontikonisi) and the Monastery of Vlacherna, we continue to the Town of Corfu , to sample its elegance and charm.You will visit Old and New Fortresses, Liston street, Espianada Square, Church of Saint Spyridon – patron of the island, The Royal Palace of Saint George and Saint Michael, The Antivouniotissa  Byzantine Museum and The Synagogue.

Professional guide will be with you at all times. He/she will inform you about all historical and cultural facts you need to know. You will have a free time for shopping in Old Town.

Achilleion Palace: Situated just outside the village of Gastouri, this building is surely the highlight of the island. Everyone who visits Corfu also visits this site to see the Palace which once belonged to the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sissi. The Palace was built in 1890 in neo-classical style, and a huge amount of money was squandered on its lavish and overpowering embellishment. Statues depicting the Nine Muses, Shakespeare, Lord Byron and of course Achilles Dying and Achilles Triumphant, adorn the garden to remind us of the lonely Empress. The garden and its view are without doubt magnificent. After the assassination of Elisabeth in 1898 the Palace stood empty until 1907 when it was bought by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, who for a few years occupied it on a seasonal basis. Today, the personal possessions of the former owners are on display in a small museum, and are the focus of the camera lenses of the many visitors.


Kanoni-Pontikonissi: is a modern tourist resort with several hotels and a view over the Halikiopoulos Lagoon and the airport. At the tip of the Kanoni peninsula a footpath descends to the Vlacherna Monastery, a tiny island linked to the shore by a causeway. The causeway is the mooring point for a number of small boats which will take you to Mouse Island (Pontikonissi) where you can visit the Byzantine Church of Pantokrator. The combined picture of Kanoni, Vlacherna and Pontikonissi has become the trademark of the whole island, and has been photographed, perhaps, by just about every camera in the world. Another causeway, for walkers or cyclists, links Kanoni with Perama on the opposite shore.

The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George: stands at the northern end of the Esplanade, and was built of Maltese stone between 1814 and 1824 in Georgian style, under the first Lord High Commissioner, Sir Thomas Maitland, to a design by Sir George Whitmore. Throughout the period of the British Protectorate it was the official seat of the Commissioner. It has two wings, dedicated to the Archangel Michael and Saint George, and the main entrance which looks towards the square is fronted by a colonnade in Doric style. The Palace, once a residence of the Greek royal family, was completely restored in 1994 to host the European Leaders Summit Conference..

Municipal Art Gallery: opened in December 1995 at the Palace. It has a noteworthy collection of works by 19th and 20th century Corfiot painters.

The Esplanade: is famed as 'the largest square in the Balkans' and owes its existence to a strategic manoeuvre. In 1576, the houses which huddled around the gate of the fortress began to be demolished to allow the defenders a better outlook over the area. In a period of twelve years, more than 2500 dwellings were pulled down, leaving a great space which the French later planted with trees, and which today forms the Esplanade Square. A walk around the square will lead you to the Rotonda (built in Ionian style in honour of the first British Lord High Commissioner, Sir Thomas Maitland) a popular meeting point for young people, and the Bandstand where, if you are lucky, one evening a band will be giving a performance of classical music or jazz.

Liston: The Liston forms the western boundary of the Esplanade. This terrace, with its series of arches fronting the road, was designed by the Imperial French after 1807, and is a typical example of its era. Strongly reminiscent of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris, it was built at about the same time. Today the Liston is the town's most traditional meeting place, where people gather to read newspapers from the nearby kiosk and drink coffee or ouzo at the old-established cafes. Here you may watch cricket matches on summer afternoons while sipping ginger beer. Here you can watch parades by the philharmonic bands or the majorettes, as well as religious processions. Here also you may well run into an old friend you've not seen for ages.


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