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Guided Grand Island Tour    

The Grand island tour takes us first to the unspoilt village of Gastouri , where the exquisite Achilleion Palace , built in 1892 for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria , occupies a position overlooking the Ionian Sea .

After we cross the island to the West coast and Paleokastritsa, justifiably Corfu 's best-known beauty spot, where an 18th century Monastery crowns a dramatic cliff and overlooks a sea rich with peacock hues. From here we climb to one of Corfu’s enchantingly colourful villages, Lakones , from which one of the finest panoramic views in Europe may be enjoyed.

Our route continues via the mountain villages and glorious views of north-western Corfu and brings us to the fishing village/resort of Kassiopi .

We return in the afternoon through the superb coastal scenery of the north-east, with stunning views of the many beautiful coves and bays, and of mysterious Albania, only a short distance away across the straits.

-  Paleokastritsa: is situated about 25 kilometres from town, linked to it by one of the widest and best laid-out roads on the island. Consisting of two impressive headlands and six coves, the area's unique combination of lush vegetation, precipitous cliffs and sandy beaches has established it as a top-class resort. The northern promontory belongs to the Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was founded in 1225. The building we see today is of a later date and houses a museum of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons. Alipa Bay, apart from being the site of a naval base, has a small marina where visiting yachts and local fishing boats anchor. Special note should be taken of the wonderfully clear, deep sea of the area, a favourite spot for scuba diving and harpoon fishing.

- Achilleion Palace: Situated just outside the village of Gastouri, this building is surely the highlight of the island. Everyone who visits Corfu also visits this site to see the Palace which once belonged to the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sissi. The Palace was built in 1890 in neo-classical style, and a huge amount of money was squandered on its lavish and overpowering embellishment. Statues depicting the Nine Muses, Shakespeare, Lord Byron and of course Achilles Dying and Achilles Triumphant, adorn the garden to remind us of the lonely Empress.

The garden and its view are without doubt magnificent. After the assassination of Elisabeth in 1898 the Palace stood empty until 1907 when it was bought by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, who for a few years occupied it on a seasonal basis. Today, the personal possessions of the former owners are on display in a small museum, and are the focus of the camera lenses of the many visitors.

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